Fit Pro Awards 2021

The 7th annual Fit Pro Awards took place on Saturday 6th November at the amazing Hilton Hotel in Liverpool City Centre. The awards were back with real fit pro's in attendance as well as the amazing virtual aspect from the 2020 awards. 

Fit Pro Awards 2021 - The Winners

Sports Group
- Star Swimming Academy

Sports Coach
- Adam Brown

- Sarah Griffiths

Customer Service Award
- Colin Campbell

Healthy Eating Company
- Clean Green Nutrition

Combat Based Workout
- Totally Shredded

Dance Based Workout
- Soulsa Dance

HIIT Based Workout

Sports Therapist
- Paul Tremarco

Independent Gym
- Dedicated Supergym

Fitness Event
- Fitness Fiesta

Fitness Brand
- Jordan Fitness

Industry Newcomer

Fitness Presenter
- Jo Michaels


Gym Group
- The Gym Group

Female Fitness Instructor
- Karen Gibson

Male Fitness instructor
- Colzy Evans

Online PT
- Phil Downing

Female PT
- Holly Lynch

Male PT
- Kevin Poole

Fitness Influencer
- The Townsend Twins

Leisure Facility
- Lifestyles Fitness Centres

Hotel Gym & Spa Facility
- Hurlston Hall

Training Provider
- The HIIT Company

Supplement Provider
- Tnutrition

Fitness Manager
- Franny Curlett

Member Achievement Award
- Kellie Jones

Athleisure Company
- The HIIT Company


Outstanding Commitment to the Fitness Industry Award

Craig Brown

Fit Pro Awards 2021 - Youtube